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  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Tax planning and filing
  • Transaction advisory
  • Compliance reporting

Why should you work with us to find an accountant?

Not all accountants are created equal.

An Accountant Specifically For you

There are a lot of sub-disciplines in accounting. And while most accountants are pretty well-rounded. Finding the right accountant who deals primarily with clients like you can be very valuable.

That means getting a specialized accountant when it’s valuable, but not overpaying for a specialist when your needs are straight-forward. As CPAs, we can help determine what your situation is and who would work best for you.

Your Needs

If you have specific needs like R&D credits, cross-border taxes, or help with an audit, you’ll want to work with someone specialized to get the best help.

Your Industry

If you work in a specific industry like real estate, health care, or pharma, it’s best to work with someone who knows your industry well and can provide better advice.

Your Size

If you have a smaller business you don’t want to overpay by working with a huge firm. But if you’re a bigger business, you want a firm that can handle your workload.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You don’t have to pay a thing. Just fill out the form and we’ll connect you to the accountant we think can best address your needs.

It can depend on the complexity of the request and who we have in our network that we think is a fit. But generally it shouldn’t be more than a few days.

If you have a particular need, or are in a geography where we don’t already have someone, that’s not a problem. We’ll do the research and interview the accountants and find the right person for you. Plus we’ll get to add a new accountant to our network!